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We're devils and scoundrels and really bad eggs, drink up me 'earties yoho [Mar. 20th, 2004|11:40 am]
[frame of mind |bouncybouncy]
[beautiful noise |A Pirates Life for meeee]


Hott! Josh is my bf. I like him. He hopefully likes me.

bored and hyper. sort-of. i dont know.

I just got back from track practice and you know it was very cool. Sort of relaxing for my soul.

we had a 1 mile warm up (bus loop) and i was in the advanced group for our workout.
we were upstairs in the halls of baker today.
2x fast 3 laps (900 meters)
2x fast 2 laps (600 meters)
warm down
2-3 weight circuits

later, i will going to my dad's house. he has a new computer. woot.
and we are going out to dinner at a chinesethen comming home to watch the big game!

SU vs. Maryland


lol - im gonna say a rosary for them -

ya well im doen talking nonsense. bye.
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(no subject) [Mar. 14th, 2004|09:03 pm]
[frame of mind |calmcalm]
[beautiful noise |Thursday - War All the Time]

richard broke up with me.

Its probably my fault. it always is.

Anywho, im gonna ask out someone this week and hopefully that will go ok.

I got Pirates of the carribean on VHS so i can atch it in my room. I keep watching it over and over. After all, it is my favorite movie.

I went with Steph to CYO tonight where we watched Remember the Titans and ate pizza and we were our normal-crazy selves.

gameboy + POTC = my weekend

All in all, the weekend wasnt too bad.
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2004|09:02 pm]
[frame of mind |calmcalm]
[beautiful noise |Three Simple Words - Finch]

FINCH is amazing.
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wow long day [Mar. 7th, 2004|06:29 pm]
[frame of mind |blankblank]
[beautiful noise |Oxygen - Die Trying]

So, today I did nothing all day.

Oh wait, I finished my math homework.

I wasted the day away playing pokemon yellow and watching the Full House marathon.

What a show of great morals, a happy family, and way too much hugging.

I almost attempted to count the number of times when there was a "father-daughter talk," complete with the sappy music in the background and the hugging.

Still, its a darn-good show.

Marathon is still on so I will go watch it and play some more of pokemon yellow.

at heart: my favorite anime show

richard, I love you so much and I can't wait until we get to see each other again.

when i look up
you're the brightest star
in a pocketful of skies
my colored picture
in a world of black and white
my only dream come true
on a restless winter night
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YAY! [Mar. 6th, 2004|03:51 pm]
[frame of mind |accomplishedaccomplished]
[beautiful noise |Dare You to Move - Switchfoot]


last night at the battle i smacked adam krahl across the face.

it was battle of the bands last night at baker. It was alright for the fact that is was in the gym.

F@TT and Somethign Worth Saving were truly amazing

im really really bored. so bye.
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life, what an annoyence [Mar. 1st, 2004|05:31 pm]
[frame of mind |depresseddepressed]
[beautiful noise |Worms of the Earth - Finch]

Why does everyone always make fun of me? That's the only constant in my life, people disagreeing with everything I ever do.

There is no justice in the world.

For once, I wish people would just see my life at my point of view.

Nothing is fair. Everything is hard. Life just sucks.
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Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love [Feb. 27th, 2004|11:16 pm]
[frame of mind |ecstaticecstatic]
[beautiful noise |Moulin Rouge Sondtrack]

all i have to say is that life and love are amazingly awesome

I have the best boyfriend in the world and everything is going great. I have amazing friends and an amazing life!


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im heaven sent, don't you dare forget [Feb. 23rd, 2004|06:21 pm]
[frame of mind |lovedloved]

Brendan out - Richard in.

I really like richard

richard compared to brendan:
-doesn't flirt with other girls
-cares about me
-acts liek he cares about me
-complements me
-we are very alike

well so long brendan!
i heard about what happened at your mall experience with adam. hope the single life treats you well.

as hillary duff sings, "you're so yesterday"

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Some things you lose and some things you just give away [Feb. 19th, 2004|07:27 pm]
[frame of mind |sadsad]
[beautiful noise |Strawberry Gashes - Jack off Jill]

the brendan and ashley saga has come to an end.

We decided to just stay friends. I'm not talking about it anymore because its painful but I don't want to hurt him by being friends with other boys.
I don't deserve someone as good as brendan. what did i do? i screwed up the good thing in my life, thats what i did.

well i am going to play the sims now. just wanted to get this in here.

well, goodnight
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::sigh:: [Feb. 18th, 2004|08:01 am]
[frame of mind |gloomygloomy]

Things are bad with Brendan now.

At the rink on Friday, I was hanging out with other boys. Brendan comfronted me about it and I got so mad that walked away from him.

He doesn't believe that I like him anymore. I can see why he would think that but its not true.

So now, I don't know what to do. I don't know wherther to give him space or talk to him. I just don't want to lose him.

-scared and confused-
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love your hate, your faith lost, you are now one of us [Feb. 12th, 2004|08:20 pm]
[frame of mind |boredbored]
[beautiful noise |Miseria Cantare - AFI]

Congratulations, for you know your afi! I am very
proud of ya. If you're in the df feel free to
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yeah, i was bored.
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nemisis [Feb. 10th, 2004|08:28 pm]
[frame of mind |relaxedrelaxed]
[beautiful noise |printers have some melody to them]


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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let the rain fall down and wake my dreams, let it wash away my sanity [Feb. 10th, 2004|05:29 pm]
[frame of mind |gigglygiggly]
[beautiful noise |Come Clean - Hillary Duff]


I made it to Indoor Track Sectionals!!

I will be running the 3000m run.
I can't wait : )

well I am doing better in school. Everything just seems to be going so well.

There are a lot of guys who like me now. I don't know what happened but it was overnight. lol.

But there is only one guy that I want and that is Brendan Sean McCarey.

Homework needs to be done
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call me beep me if you wanna reach me [Feb. 7th, 2004|01:41 pm]
[frame of mind |boredbored]
[beautiful noise |Kim Possible in the bg]

Wow, you're just plain nuts
What Snack Food are You?

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who is your best friend(s)? Linda, Mary, Joanne, Brendan, Lauren, Keno
who do you like? my friends and family
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who bought you the clothes your wearing? muah
who is at your house? my sister and me
who loves you? everyone ;)
who said hey to you today? some ppl on my track team
who are you talking to right now? ppl on aim
who was your last boy/girlfriend? cameron

what town do you live in? syracuse
what are your pet peeves? snoring, old people smell, chewing w/ mouth open
what are you wearing? clothes
what do your teeth look like? straight and white (braces do the trick)
what are you doing in an hour? watching tv
what is your middle name? marr
what is your deepest secret? ::psspsspspsppspss::
what are you doing tomorrow? church then hanging with brendan
what is your boy/girlfriends middle name? sean (not me bf yet tho)
what is in this for you? your mom
what is your favorite thing to do? run, skate, dance, sing, mario party
what are you sitting on? my arse

where are you at right now? my home
where were you at at 12 noon today? playing mario party
where is your toothbrush? in the toilet
where do you sleep? on my bed
where do you live? at my house
where were you at at 7pm yesterday? skating rink
where is your boy/girl friend? in my mind
where are your parents? at the wineries taking a wine tour
where did you put your bookbag? in the garbage
where do you keep your socks? in my sock drawer. imagine that.

when was your first kiss? june of 2001
when are you getting a job? some place that serves food
when will you grow up? lol.
when are you going to call your friends? when i feel like talking to someone
when did you get home last night? half past ten
when are you going to stop taking surveys? after this one
when was the last time you had a fruit smoothie? at the state fair
when will you say that you love someone? i dont throw around those three words, thanks.
when are you getting married? on my wedding day

why are you taking this? im obviously stupid
why do fools fall in love? because your heart falls, not your mind.
why are you weird? born that way
why are you wearing what your wearing right now? it was my track clothes (stinky)
why did you fail that test? i didnt study
why dont you have friends? nobody likes meeee
why cant you get a boy/girl friend? im too ugly
why do you live where you live? my mom made me

how did you know it was love? stop with these damn love questions
how do you fix your hair? depends on how lazy im feeling
how are the kids? all 20 are just fine
how many hours do you spend on the computer? too many
how many TV shows do you watch? all of them
how did you find this survey? god hates me
how do you like it so far? i dont
how many people are living with you? 5 (family + dog + ginuea piggy)
how may i help you? BIGGIE SIZE MY DAMN FRIES BITCH!
how do you make sharpies? id have to know what one was first
how often do you say i love you.... damn, i told you i dont throw it around. so i dont say it too often, it has to be special.

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cigarettes in open air, hand in hand [Feb. 3rd, 2004|05:22 pm]
[frame of mind |ditzyditzy]
[beautiful noise |Stay With Me - Finch]

wowie! I havent wirtten in here ina long time. so much ahs gone on.

not good stuff so i dont think i'll be sharing that info.

well, I still have the ever-so-sexxy boi on my mind. ::wink::

uh- school sucks as usual. I have nothign worth whiel to write i just felt the urge to update this thang.

im mee and we may chat.


ill writteee lateerrr


post script: life is so good. make the most of it
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Shadows of demons melt my persona [Jan. 14th, 2004|06:48 pm]
[frame of mind |distresseddistressed]
[beautiful noise |A Sip of Wine Chased with Cyanide - A Static Lullaby]

i just do not what to do with my lfie anymore.

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Brendon is the perfect drug [Jan. 7th, 2004|07:58 pm]
[frame of mind |thankfulthankful]
[beautiful noise |Don't tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (in the bakground)]

i like brendon so much, im going mad!

he is deciding whether he wants to stay good friends or go out because he doesn't want to lose our friendship.

I like that he has morals and values like that (i just wish they were in my favor!)

i just want him to be happy. thats all.

he's so amzing from his looks to his personality to the way he just doesn't care what people think about him and how is just brendon, no one else but brendon. His beautifuly styled and length hair, his fashion sense, his morals and beliefs, the way he makes me feel good about myself, the way he cares about me, the way he makes me want to be with him every second of the day.

im going overboard. i just like him so much.

going crazyyyyyy
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you make me hard when im all soft in side [Jan. 5th, 2004|06:58 pm]
[frame of mind |hopefulhopeful]
[beautiful noise |Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug]

i really really like brendon.

he is on my mind every second of the day. I hope he asks me out.

Well, school was another story. It sucked.

But, I have more confidence for some odd reason.

ok dokey.
there's a mug of hot cocoa with my name on it

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crushed velvet, candle wax and dried up flowers [Jan. 4th, 2004|07:07 pm]
[frame of mind |irritatedirritated]
[beautiful noise |AFI - Days of the Phoenix]

I am utterly amazed with how people these days are so ignorant on important issues.

I looked in the Post Standard on New Years Eve to find a huge picture of Gerry Macnemera and more pictures of the rest of the Syracuse University basketball team. According to this newspaper, winning a national basketball tounament was the most memorable moment in 2003.

HELLO WORLD! step of the Carrier Dome or your shell for a while to realize that much more important issues were brought up this year.

Does the War in Iraq ring a bell?

The War in Iraq was not even mentioned in this article. Of course, they had enough ink to waste on the SU basketball team but they could make the ink worth while and print something worth reading.

Basketball is a game. War is real life. Many men went beyond the call of duty to save our asses and frankly, I would use my newspaper to talk about more important issues, such as this war.

Another thing that chaps my ass is the amount of income sports players recieve compared to what doctors, nurses, fireman, policeman, etc. make.

Sports players make about 2 Billion dollars on average a year. They don't need that much money. They don't even do anything worth while. Sure, they entertain us (not me personally) but is sports playing a really imparative feature in our society?

Doctors save lives. Nurses take care of us when we are sick. Policemen kill and arrest the bad people of our society. Id say, the make about 1/1000000000000 of what sports players make.

Tell me which is more important, saving a life or winning a game?

I really think society needs to take a step back and look in from an objective point of view and we should reconsider our values and morals.

Society and the media sucks.

I feel so small and worthless, but i want to do something about this. I am thinking of starting some kind of organization or commitee or what-not for people who believe like me. With more people who feel as strongly as I do, issues like this can be brought up and reconsidered.

I really wish I could do something.
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I WANNA GO TOTHE MALL! [Dec. 22nd, 2003|03:42 pm]
[frame of mind |angryangry]
[beautiful noise |Thursday - War All the Time]


i wanted to go to the mall with brendon but my mom won't let me go.

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